Saint Peter's Basilica

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For travelers to Rome, the trip is never complete until they take the opportunity to admire St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square and the gorgeous colonnade that embraces it all.

It is one of the most-visited sites in all of Rome, both for its artistic beauty and for its importance to Catholic worshippers. 

What a lot of people don’t actually know is that it is possible to access the main dome of the basilica. Visitors have the option of taking the elevator or the stairs, the latter being a bit cheaper. From the dome, one will have a magnificent view of Rome in general and of the Saint Peter’s square in particular.

The building’s interior really displays the wealth of the Catholic Church in the 16th century. The interior, which includes 45 altars, is decorated by several famous artists. Some of the most important works is the Pietà by Michelangelo as well as the papal altar and the Throne of St. Peter by Bernini.

The square is outlined by an open colonnade, symbolically welcoming the visitors into the Catholic Church with open arms. A little fun fact is that there is a circular stone between the obelisk and each fountain. By standing one of these circular stones while looking towards the colonnade, the rows of columns will line up flawlessly and appear to be just a single row.

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How to reach Saint Peter’s Basilica from Vatican Rooms Cipro

It’s very easy to get Saint Peter’s Square from Vatican Rooms Cipro. It’s sufficient to get Cipro stop and go straight to the Vatican Walls. After reaching Vatican Museums, you have just to follow Vatican Museums to Saint Peter’s Colonnades.

Alternatively, you can take the subway, get off at Ottaviano and follow Via Ottaviano.