Piazza Navona

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Undeniably the most elegant and cheerful of all Roman piazzas, it was built on the site of Stadium of Domitian in the 1st Century A.D. and still preserves its outline. The piazza remains a highly popular meeting place for Romans and tourists alike, who drowsily soak up the sun and atmosphere in open air bars dotted around it.

Used in ancient times for various athletic games and competitions, although it never witnessed the carnage offered in the Colosseum, today tourists often enjoy sitting for street artists who, on request,  in a few minutes either sketch a faithful portrait or draw a caricature of their models.

Over Christmas, the piazza is suddenly swamped by a bustling multi-coloured market, selling cribs, decorations and sweets. A treat for young children, it reaches its height of excitement on the night of 5th January, when the “Befana” (The Good Witch) flies about the country, delivering presents to “well-behaved “ children.

Not to be missed: The Fountain of The Four Rivers and Church of Saint’Agnese in Agone.

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How to reach Piazza Navona from Vatican Rooms Cipro


start Departure from Via Gualtiero Serafino, 29
apiedi Walk 500 meters
ferm go to stop STAZ.NE METRO CIPRO (MA)  timer
Take line no. 492 (STAZ.NE TIBURTINA (MB)) to 10 stops
 ferm get off at stop ZANARDELLI  timer
apiedi walk 250 meters
end to Piazza Navona