Campo de' Fiori

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Campo de’ Fiori è una delle più rinomate piazze di Roma

Campo de’ Fiori, translated literally from Italian, means “field of flowers”. The name was first given during the Middle Ages when the area was actually a meadow.

For centuries Campo de Fiori was the stage for public executions. Here in 1600 the Dominican Friar, Philosopher, Mathematician and Astronomer Bruno Giordano was burnt alive. A domineering statue stands in the middle the piazza marking the exact spot of his death.

A celebrated and picturesque market by day, Campo de Fiori quickly turns into a hub for nightlifers in the evening. The piazza, in the morning heaving with people bustling among the fruit and vegetable stands, at night sees its restaurants and bars open for business.

Campo dei Fiori is the only piazza in Rome without a single church

An absolute must is a visit to the nearby historical streets, such as Via dei Baullari, Via dei Cappellari or Via dei Giubbonari, which are lined with an assortment of small shops still bearing the name of craftsmen who once worked there.

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How to reach Campo de’ Fiori from Vatican Rooms Cipro


start Departure from Via Gualtiero Serafino, 29
apiedi Walk 500 meters
ferm recarsi alla fermata STAZ.NE METRO CIPRO (MA)  timer
go to stop 492 (STAZ.NE TIBURTINA (MB)) to 10 stops
 ferm get off at stop RINASCIMENTO  timer
apiedi Walk 300 meters
end fto Campo de’ Fiori