Premium WordPress Themes Cantina 26

The restaurant brings to the table the specialties of Roman and Mediterranean cuisine, with a touch of modernity.

Staff is cheerful, young and friendly, the environment is cozy and dishes are succulent.

It’s in Via Ruggero di Lauria, 26.

Premium WordPress Themes La Ruota

Restaurant/Pizzeria La Ruota is è a friendly local, where you can find excellent pizza cooked in the wood oven and where you can taste the best traditional Italian cuisine.

The restaurant provides many delicious specialties, inspired by the Roman and Mediterranean cuisine and prepared with the best chosen ingredients.

It’s in Via Angelo Emo, 25.

Premium WordPress Themes Ai Musei

Typical roman restaurant within walking distance of Vatican Museums.

Dishes are thise of typical roman cuisine: trippa, amatriciana, carbonara, saltinbocca alla romana… everything flavoured with hospitality and friendliness.

Low prices.

It’s in Via Santamaura, 5.

Premium WordPress Themes Peperoncino dispettoso

Pizza, in variants “Roman” and “Neapolitan”, is cooked in the wood oven.

The restaurant offers traditional Roman cuisine dishes, many qualities of fried and excellent grilled meats served on lava stone.

It’s in Viale delle Medaglie d’oro, 158

Premium WordPress Themes L’isola della pizza

L’isola della Pizza® is a popular and historic restaurant pizzeria steakhouse in the Prati district near the Vatican City.

Founded as a small pizzeria over the years has grown to become one of the most famous restaurants in Rome.

It’s in Via degli Scipioni, 45

Premium WordPress Themes Pizzarium

The Temple of Pizza (with a capital P) in the capital.

Seasonal and highest quality ingredients, sophisticated combinations and magnificent tastes, all expertly mixed by the guru of the “Roman leavening”, Gabriele Bonci … in short, a true gourmet pizza .. High prices.

It’s in Via della Meloria, 43

Premium WordPress Themes La Molisana

Diner/Grill/Pizzeria .

It’s in Via Cipro, 8a

Premium WordPress Themes Burger King

The nearest restaurant of the chain fast food is in Via Leone IV, 25

Premium WordPress Themes Mc Donald

The nearest restaurant of the chain fast food is in Viale Giulio Cesare, 199

Premium WordPress Themes Elliot Pub

L’Elliot Pub was born born November 29, 1994 in the hearth of Balduina District with the initial goal of giving young residents of this area a meeting place where they could spend evenings together, echoing the style of the typical Anglo – Irish pub.

COver time, thanks to its owner’s passion for english and german beers, Elliot Pub becomes a complete local, pursuing a philosophy that combines research and the quality of real ales to taste and the pleasure of good kitchen.

It’s in Viale delle Medaglie d’oro, 115

Premium WordPress Themes Beere

Beere mangiare & co. borns out of a concrete vision, create a sustainable local, eat, drink and enjoy staying together.

The research of Italian craft beers and of Lazio’s biological agricolture labels, aims to give something different in the simplicity of everyday life. The quality at the right price, with passion and enthusiasm.

It’s in Via Carlo Passaglia, 1

Premium WordPress Themes Fabrica

A nice atmosphere tea room/pastry/chocolate: ideal for an after-dinner or a winter snack.

Very good cakes and many varieties of tea.

It’s in Via Girolamo Savonarola, 8

Premium WordPress Themes Bancomat

BPM – Banca Popolare di Milano
Via Gualtiero Serafino, 2/A

Banca Popolare Ancona
Via Cipro 4/A

Premium WordPress Themes Supermarket

Via Giulio Venticinque, 9

opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Premium WordPress Themes Taxi

Piazzale degli Eroi, 8 (at the corner of via Vittor Pisani)

Premium WordPress Themes Paid parking

Via Vito Artale, 10

Premium WordPress Themes Bike rental

Disconts for our guests.

Enjoy the best of Rome on a bike tour with a local guide.

Via Candia, 141/E


Premium WordPress Themes Pharmacy/Drugstore

Via Cipro, 42

Premium WordPress Themes Self-service Laundry

Viale Medaglie d’oro, 42